This land was home to the Potawatomi Indians long before the first French trappers came to

the area in the 1700’s. Migrating from the South, up the river and marshes, the Indians came

searching for game: deer, elk, ducks, geese, beaver, muskrat and quail, hunting the same

land we now enjoy. The She-Shik- Ma-0 was the center of their life long before the French called

the river aux Plaines. The remains of these early settlements are still in evidence on our land.


Ed Halter founded the first Club on these grounds in 1955, naming it Pheasant Valley.

Twin Willow Kennels was opened at the same time. The Club flourished under Ed’s expertise,

and became famous when he interbred six species of duck to create what is now known as

“Halter’s Golden Mallard.” In 1975 Ed and his wife Lydia retired.

With Ed’s death in 1980, the new management of the club renamed it “Halter Wildlife Inc.” in

honor of the man who dreamed of a place where we could go to enjoy nature.